The Vera Process


We keep our process simple, so you can concentrate on achieving your goals!


Step 1: You contact Vera Financial Coaching because you’re sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, or maybe your savings plan is not on point, or you want a financial check-up to ensure you’ll be retiring with more money than you’ve ever had.

Step 2: We meet for a 30-minute free consultation for us to discuss your goals and for us to decide if we’re the right teammates for this journey.  Hopefully, my brand of honesty and down-to-earth attitude is right up your alley

Step 3: You make the decision to hire Vera Financial Coaching to create your financial legacy.  Thanks, you’re awesome!

Step 4: You decide how many sessions you’d like to set up - 1, 2, or even 10!  You’ll be sent an invoice via Square and you can pay via debit or credit card (no ACH).  Once payment is received, you will be sent forms for you to complete and return.

Step 5: Once the forms are returned, a session can be scheduled at least 48 hours afterwards.  This helps to ensure that your coach can review all your information and goals before your first 1-hour session.