Financial COACHING services TO FIT YOUR BUDGET!.


Financial Check Up

Not sure if you’re on the right track to financial freedom and retirement? Let Vera Financial Coaching sit down with you and discuss your short- and long-term goals for your money. Regardless of where you are financially, we can make a plan to get your closer to where you want to be!

Education/college funding

College is becoming increasingly out of reach for many families.  Planning intentionally and early can help keep those costs at bay. Vera Financial Coaches help you with affordability of secondary education and a plan to get you to your desired goal.

Retirement planning

Variable — We’ve all envisioned that magical age when we can stop going to work daily, kick back and enjoy the fruits of our decades of labor. Let’s work together and come up with a solid game plan to make the most of your retirement years.  If it’s volunteering, traveling the world, or spending your days with grandbabies, let’s make this dream a reality – sooner rather than later!

Cash flow expense planning

Some say budget, others say cash flow planning. Either way, it makes you feel like you got a raise and it allows you to tell your money where to go versus asking why you work so hard but see no traction.  Vera Financial Coaching is expert at cash flow planning and helping your decide what your priorities are when it comes to your money.

Insurance and risk management

Insurance transfers risk from you to the insurance company. Health, car, homeowners’/rental, and life insurance are all necessary parts of life.  Let Vera Financial Coaching teach you how much coverage you need, what types of coverage you need, and for how long you need it.

Debt reduction and management

To win with money, you have to decide that you’re worth it! And you are TOTALLY worth it!! Living paycheck to paycheck is not working to help you achieve your goals. Sit down with Vera Financial Coaching and come up with a real-world plan to become debt-free in record time!

Wellness Check (Workplace Financial Series)

$525/6 sessions — Let Vera Financial Coaching supplement your Benefits and Wellness package to your employees.  Help your employees become more financially savvy and maximize their compensation and benefits to become less stressed about money and retirement and decrease absenteeism and tardiness.